Competition founders:

Ministry of information and communication of the RK

Ministry of foreign affairs of the RK

Competition organizer:



Individual and legal entities without restriction on citizenship
Aims and objectives of the Competition:
The aim of the Competition – create and determine the best proposal on formation of the National brand of the Republic of Kazakhstan
The main objectives of the Competition:
Strengthen patriotism of Kazakhstan people;
Facilitate to information promotion of unique Kazakhstan tourism objects, attraction of foreign investments;
Enhance image attractiveness and recognition of Kazakhstan in the international arena.
The financial reward for a winner is  KZT 5 000 000 .
Authors of work-candidates, who pass to the second round of the Competition will receive a cash prize in the amount of KZT 200 000 and certificates of Competition entrants. .
Working bodies of the Competition:
Organising Committee - founders and organizer.
Advisory board includes recognized experts in the field of information communication technologies, marketing, PR and related fields, community leaders.
Competition stages:
Start of submission from 31 august to 15 october
Presentation of applicants' works
Requirements to the works:
To participate in the competition on specification of the National brand of the Republic of Kazakhstan, entrants are required to provide:
Logo is a graphic mark (emblem, symbol), which will be used to increase awareness of Kazakhstan in the world arena. It should contain the brand name in the form of stylized letter and/or words. The logo should be submitted in the formats of jpeg, png, giff, the size must be 1000x1000 px.
2. Slogan is an image-building motto, which briefly delivers a message, used in all types of advertising communication to attract the attention of the target audience, increase its loyalty to Kazakhstan brand and encourage tourism and investment attractiveness. The slogan should be easily readable, be original, raise interest and presented in state, Russian and English languages.
Concept of the National brand of the Republic of Kazakhstan can be developed and presented in any form in the state and Russian languages. It is necessary to describe the core idea of the work and provide explanations on the main messages of the slogan and logo in the concept.
Selection criteria:
Originality and novelty
Ease of perception and memorability
Capture of country peculiarities (culture, traditions, industry, tourism, values)
Imagery integrity
Quality and aesthetics
Application of non-standard techniques and art materials
Durability of style
Orientation to both local and international audience
Contacts: +7 7172 79 82 06 (int. 171)



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