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30.06.2016 г.
Составлен портрет пользователя электронного правительства Казахстана

E-Gov user`s portrait is drawn up

E-Gov user`s portrait is drawn up based on analyzing the active users` data.

It turned out that the majority of the portal users are women (almost 59%), whereas male users amount to 41%.

Besides, citizens aged 25-34 visit e-Gov more often (48% of the total amount). Elderly citizens are also active, with 15% of users aged 45-64 and 2% over 65.  

The result of users` activity analysis divided by regions is no less interesting. Almaty leads in the activity rating with 28% of all users registered on e-Gov portal.  The second position goes to Astana (18%) and the third to Karaganda region (almost 9%). The least active region is Zhambyl with less than 1% users.

As of today, 5.3 million people have been registered on e-Gov portal, which makes more than half of economically active population of Kazakhstan. The portal provides 240 e-services. About 136 million services have already been provided through e-Gov infrastructure for the entire period.

*as of the 2nd quarter 2016


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