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20.06.2016 г.
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More than KZT 20 billion passed through eGov payment gateway

The sum of payments via Kazakhstan eGov payment gateway since the launch of the system has risen beyond KZT 20 billion.

It should be mentioned that 5.5 billion of these were paid by Kazakhstan citizens via eGov within incomplete six months this year. And for the entire 2015, the statistics on payments amounted to over KZT 10 billion.

Most frequent online payments are the traffic infraction fines: 74% payments, or nearly KZT 15 billion. The next popular ones are duties and levies – 12% payments (KZT 2.3 billion). The third position is occupied by taxes –7% (KZT 1.4 billion).

Furthermore, citizens pretty actively use the e-Government portal for topping up their accounts in Kazakhstan Zhilstroysberbank – 6% of all payments, or over KZT 1 billion.

It should be added that with a view to voiding the requirement for submitting the receipts confirming payment, the eGov payment gateway was integrated with 21 second-tier banks.

For reference: The “eGov Payment Gateway” information system has been operated in Kazakhstan since 2010. Its objectives are the automation and integration with banks and with government agencies’ information systems in order to provide citizens with electronic methods of payment for public services delivered in terms of e-government. The complete list of online payments on eGov portal can be found here.


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