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09.06.2016 г.

On the way towards digital economy

In Astana, the Forum: “On the Way towards Digital Economy” is taking place, hosted by international SAP Company. Within the Forum’s agenda, the prospects and capabilities of making use of digital technologies in addressing a range of goals in Kazakhstan’s economy and public administration are covered.

The Plenary session was opened by Assel Zhiyenbayeva, Chairperson of “National “Zerde” ICT Holding” JSC with the report on the “Digital Kazakhstan” Program.

In her report, she pointed out that a state’s transition from traditional economy to digital one is impossible without developing the ICTs. Digital technologies are both a tool and a driver for raising the economy sectors’ competitiveness and population’s living standards. These priority goals had been the background for working out the “Digital Kazakhstan” Program.

As a result from the Program implementation, the ICT sector’s share in Kazakhstan’s GDP will be 5.04% by 2021; the number of jobs will be by 150,000 more; performance will grow by 30%; and citizens’ digital literacy will amount to 85%.

It was also noted in the report that the Program would be implemented in the key four areas:

1. Creating the “Digital Silk Road” which refers to developing a reliable, accessible, high-speed, secure digital infrastructure.

2. Digital transformations in economy sectors, i.e. ubiquitous implementation of digital technologies with a view to improving competitiveness of different sectors of economy.

2. Shaping the “Proactive Digital Government” within which it is planned to enhance the e-gov and mGov systems, develop the open government components, and optimize the public delivery sphere.

3. Building up the “creative society” that implies developing competencies and skills for digital economy;  carrying out the works on improving citizens’ digital literacy; and training ICT professionals for economy sectors.

Fulfilling these tasks and achieving the key indicators in developing ICT industry in Kazakhstan will lead to the country’s migrating from traditional economy to digital one.

The next speakers at the Plenary session were: Pavel Gontarev, SAP CIS Deneral Director; Adamas Ilkyavichus, Samruk Kazyna Foundation’s Managing Director for Transformation; Natalya Panina, SAP MEE Public Sector Account Manager for Central and Eastern Europe; and Maxim Lamskov, SAP Kazakhstan Director.

The invited experts presented the cases in multiple areas, such as digital state, digital manufacturing, agriculture and health, situation monitoring and predictive analysis of big data, innovations in HR, the customer-focused services delivery6, and e-Commerce. Altogether, over 70 speakers, top managers of large Kazakhstani and international companies, SAP lead experts and partners shared their experiences in implementing the innovations and presented the success histories of enterprises that have taken the road of technological changes.


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